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          (800) 548-3474

          Soldotna, AK

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        21. Lodges
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        24. Soldotna B&B Trophy Lodge
        25. Directions to Soldotna B&B
        26. Castaway Riverside Lodge and Cabins
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        31. Alaska Fishing Photos
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        40. Kenai Maps and Directions
        41. Soldotna B&B Trophy Lodge
        42. Directions to Soldotna B&B
        43. Castaway Riverside Lodge and Cabins
        44. Rates and Reservations
        45. Book Now / Check Availability
        46. Ask a Question / Request Information
        47. Locals’ Specials
        48. Alaska Fishing Photos
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        58. Locals’ Specials

          New Lodging Specials for Locals Only
          Stay with us for $150 per personAll-Inclusive
          Couples, stay at our all-inclusive lodge for only $150 per person with all meals included.
          Choose from our three beautiful lodges located right on the Kenai River with access to incredible fishing during the best time of the year.

          CALL 1 (800) 548-3474 TO BOOK

          Select option 2 to speak with Lorie.

          Fill the freezer with double limits!
          Locals Save $295 on Overnighters
          Local pricing available on select overnight charters. Book an overnight trip now for $700 per person.

          Valid for local fishing charters on available dates.

          CALL 1 (800) 548-3474 TO BOOK

          Select option 2 to speak with Lorie.

          Alaska Fishing Tripsfor Alaskans Who Love to Fish!

          Get on our ‘call list’ and SAVE $!

          We have a charter ‘call list’ for those who have flexible schedules and can literally be called the day before to fill an open seat out of either Seward or Homer.

          For more information or questions please contact us by e-mail or toll-Free phone: info@www.mabiaoyumiao.com / 1 (800) 548-3474.

          Yes, Sign me up for the Locals' Call ListNo thanks, email onlyI'd like to be on both lists

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          Channel 2 Team Creates a Video While Fishing with Alaskan Fishing Adventures.
          Visitor Submitted Video

          The team from Channel 2 News fished with us and created this video about their adventure.

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