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          Soldotna, AK

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        41. Soldotna B&B Trophy Lodge
        42. Directions to Soldotna B&B
        43. Castaway Riverside Lodge and Cabins
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        48. Alaska Fishing Photos
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          At Alaskan Fishing Adventures our ocean fishing trips are simply legendary
          Huge kings, mammoth halibut, colorful rockfish and hard fighting ling cods are just some of the species that you can catch on our boats.
          May - August
          May - August
          KING SALMON
          July - August
          LING COD
          May - August
          Yellow Eye
          July - August
          Silver Salmon
          May - August
          ROCK FISH

          Seward Lodge and Overnight Fishing Trip

          Have done the overnight Halibut trip twice. Best fishing experience I've ever had. Took home over 100 pounds of fillets. Capt Chris and the crew are well above the top.They treat you with the highest respect. I suggest you book early.

          Guest Review - on Trip Advisor
          We offer a variety of trips

          If you are staying in one of our lodges and our ocean trips will be built into your package price. ?Our boats are harbored in Homer and Seward which are surrounded by some of the best fishing in Alaska. ?We offer day trips as well as long range overnight charters.

          Fish Only
          Just looking for a seat on a boat?

          If you are interested in a fish-only experience, day trips can be scheduled out of Homer or Seward.

          Overnight Trips
          two action packed days of fishing

          Our most amazing trips are our overnight trips which allow our fisherman unique opportunities to catch huge fish from a variety of species.

          Seward Alaska Fishing Trips
          Trips leaving scenic Seward Alaska

          Seward is home to 4 Alaskan Fishing Adventures boats. Trips out of Seward offer great fishing for Halibut, Silver Salmon, Yellow Eye and Rockfish. You will be amazed by the stunning natural beauty of Resurrection bay.

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          Homer Alaska Fishing Trips
          Trips leaving beautiful homer Alaska

          Homer is home port of 2 Alaskan Fishing boats. Our exciting Homer Alaska fishing trips provide great King Salmon fishing as well as Ling Cod, Halibut and Yellow Eye. You will be treated to the gorgeous scenery around Kachemak Bay.

          LEARN MORE
          Our Ocean Fishing Area

          When you fish with us, you decide each day what type of fishing interests you and what species of fish you would like to catch.

          Learn More About OurFleet and Tackle
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