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          (800) 548-3474

          Soldotna, AK

        1. Lodges
        2. Anglers Lodge
        3. Directions to Anglers Lodge
        4. Soldotna B&B Trophy Lodge
        5. Directions to Soldotna B&B
        6. Castaway Riverside Lodge and Cabins
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        21. Lodges
        22. Anglers Lodge
        23. Directions to Anglers Lodge
        24. Soldotna B&B Trophy Lodge
        25. Directions to Soldotna B&B
        26. Castaway Riverside Lodge and Cabins
        27. Rates and Reservations
        28. Book Now / Check Availability
        29. Ask a Question / Request Information
        30. Locals’ Specials
        31. Alaska Fishing Photos
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        33. Scenery and Wildlife
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        38. Contact Us
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        40. Kenai Maps and Directions
        41. Soldotna B&B Trophy Lodge
        42. Directions to Soldotna B&B
        43. Castaway Riverside Lodge and Cabins
        44. Rates and Reservations
        45. Book Now / Check Availability
        46. Ask a Question / Request Information
        47. Locals’ Specials
        48. Alaska Fishing Photos
        49. Fishing Videos
        50. Scenery and Wildlife
        51. Blog
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          Use Our Online Form to Book Now or Request Information

          Use this form to tell us about your trip plans, request more information. Or you may contact us by e-mail or toll-Free phone: info@www.mabiaoyumiao.com / 1 (800) 548-3474.

          Tell Us About Your Fishing Vacation Interests:

          Dates Preferred for Your Visit

          Do You Have a Preference for One of Our Lodges?

          Anglers LodgeSoldotna B&BCastaway RiversideNo Lodging RequiredNo Preference

          Lodging and Fishing Packages

          We can design a personalized Alaskan Fishing Adventure for you and your party. ?Please, fill out the form on this page and let us know how many people are in your party, what time of year that you would like to travel, what type of fishing trips you are interested in and how many days and nights you will be with us. ?We will use that information and design a custom vacation tailored just for you.

          Please visit our Rates and Reservations page for pricing information on our base trip options. ?You may also visit our Hot Deals page to see if we are running any specials or discounts that may apply to your trip.

          One Day Fish-Only Trips

          We love to work with local residents, military members and tourists on day trip charters on our Alaskan Fishing Adventures boats. ?Book as early as possible to guarantee your seat, but keep in mind that it is never too late to try to book. We can often accommodate anglers who call the day before their trip.

          Fill out our contact form, call us, or email us to get more information about availability and pricing. ?info@www.mabiaoyumiao.com / 1 (800) 548-3474

          Learn More About Fish Only Day Trips
          Our Legendary Overnight Trips

          Our legendary overnight long range charters are quickly becoming our most in-demand trips. ?These one-of-a-kind adventures have you leaving the harbor on one day and returning the next. ?This allows you to range further out to areas less fished and catch two limits of larger fish. ?Warning: ?Book now. These seats are going fast.

          Learn More About Our Overnight Charters
          Charter a Boat

          Do you have a large group that wants to fish together on the Kenai Peninsula this summer? ?Contact us today about chartering an entire boat for the day. ?We will be happy to put a special package together for you.